This is Lucy!  

Lucy was born with HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome), a very rare congenital heart defect where the left half of her heart will never develop. Treatment is a 3-Stage Surgical Procedure which reconstructs her heart allowing the right chamber to assume the duty of the heart's four chambers.  To date Lucy has endured five surgeries and six hospital stays, which reminds us how impactful congenital heart defects can be emotionally and financially.

In the fall of 2014, friends and family held a fundraiser to help to relieve some of the financial burdens for our family.  Our support system is amazing.  Being evident that not everyone has a support system, LJ’s Healing Hearts was formed to help others in need.  We were excited by the news we received in June 2015 when LJ’s Healing Hearts became a nonprofit charity.  Being a tax exempt charity, we are organized to raise money to provide financial relief to families in the Midwest impacted by Congenital Heart Defects.  Please consider donating to help a family through this journey.