LJ's Healing Heartsrecognizes that medical advances have prolonged the life of

CHD Warriors, however, some lose their battle way too early. 

We want to help honor the life of your Heart Warrior by providing financial assistance to a memorial service.

To apply for the Angel Wings Program, complete and submit the program package CLICK HERE

Documentation packages can be emailed to ljshealinghearts@gmail.com or sent via mail to:
LJ's Healing Hearts
1 S 750 Vista Ave.
Lombard, IL 60148

How WE can help you...

At LJ's Healing Hearts we know your main focus is on your child. By providing financial assistance we can ensure your child is where your focus stays.

Many born with CHD's will eventually need a heart transplant.  The Lucy grant program provides a financial grant to one family awaiting a heart transplant (must be inpatient) or within the first year of heart transplant.

Applications will be accepted June 1st - June 30th.  To apply for the Lucy Grant, please CLICK HERE

LJ's Healing Hearts is the acting sponsor for the Beads of Courage program at Advocate Children's Hospital in Illinois

As much as we would love to provide support to every family in the country, our funds are limited to the amount of  donations we receive.  Although we cannot guarantee we will be able to fulfill all requests that are submitted, we will strive to try our best to help every family in some way.


Our philosophy is to provide a balanced giving program, we ask families submit one request every 12 months.

*We offer assistance in the 48 contiguous states.   If funds become too low, we will offer assistance in our roots of the Midwest states which include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin
**Additional documents may be required based on request form​

Please add ljshealinghearts@gmail.com to your contact list to ensure you receive our response

LJ’s Healing Heartsunderstands that insurance does not always cover all medical bills.  

We can help pay for portions of your bills that are related to CHD diagnosis, including medication, equipment and therapy bills. 

To apply for the Heart Warrior Program, complete submit the program package CLICK HERE

​​LJ's Healing Hearts understands that costs outside of medical bills impact families.

Forms of assistance: Lodging, Gas, Grocery and/or Formula 


To apply for the Hospital to Home program, complete and submit the program package  CLICK HERE